Dezhou Yuanda Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.

  • Liner hanger

    Liner hanger

    Liner hanger suitable for rotating or static condition, the optimal design of the hanger can content to various complicated working condition

  • Two-stage cementing collar

    Two-stage cementing collar

    Two-stage cementing collar is inside closed structure, through the pitch opening plug and then make the circulation hole opened, closed circulation hole through close plug drives the closing sleeve down.

  • Casing packer

    Casing packer

    Casing packer is used the expansion rubber for the sealing element, with a combination valve system to control the set of the permanent casing packer

  • Cement head

    Cement head

    It's the specialized tool that used for pumping slurry and releasing the plug.With two rubber plug at the same time, both can be used in the conventional cementing

  • Float collar and float shoe

    Float collar and float shoe

    Float collar and float shoe, stab-in float collar and shoe, cementing float collar and shoe

  • Centralizer


    Bow spring centralizer, rigid centralizer, roller centralizer, polyester centralizer, sprial glider centralizer, integral centralizer, cast aluminum centralizer and so on

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